Cruentus Trucido, welcomes you~Here, in this pack, we have many goals and expectations. Firstly, you must always remember that the first Hydra of Cruentos Trucido was Amnesia Sarcina. Who passed. Next leader of the pack was Tyson, now his daughter Vera.

    Offical Rules


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    Offical Rules

    Post by Liayce/Paradox on Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:01 pm

    Out of Character

    1. Please don't start any arguments without a reason.
    2. Dislike the character and not the user.
    3. Please stay as literate as possible.
    4. Please refrain from using text talk in roleplay.
    5. Please respect the admins and mods.
    6. Swearing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum.
    7. Don't start arguement's with wolves that wonder in the territory.
    8. Ask a high rank before leaving the territory.

    In Character

    1. Address the female Hydra as Lady, and the male Hydra a Lord
    2. Respect al higher ranks and elders.
    3. Respect the boundaries of other packs.
    4. Respect your packmates.
    5. Ask a high rank before you leave the territory.
    6. Don't start stuff with someone that wonderd in the terra.

    May add more as pack progresses.

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