Cruentus Trucido, welcomes you~Here, in this pack, we have many goals and expectations. Firstly, you must always remember that the first Hydra of Cruentos Trucido was Amnesia Sarcina. Who passed. Next leader of the pack was Tyson, now his daughter Vera.

    Cruentos Trucido

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    Cruentos Trucido

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    Cruentos Trucido
                           "We are strong as one, but stronger as a family."

    You must always remember the first Hydra of Cruentos Trucido. The fae was named Amnesia. A wise, and kind hearted Hydra. Who would trained her members day and night. A good sister, friend, Hydra and many more. She died protecting her brother, Tyson. Who is now the new Hydra of Cruentos Trucido.
    The fae Hydra, who is now Tyson's new mate is, Liayce.

    We fight for what is right, not what is wrong. Amnesia crismon blood was spilled for no reason, we do not need to do that to others. To much has been spilled. We stand side by side, protecting each other, through anything and anyone. We do not care to get some crismon blood on our paws, if you dare touch one of us, or say a threat that harms one of our kind or family.

    We walk in the shadow's, if you heard of us? Be lucky you did, becuase you may not ever see us unless we want you to. And if you do we are calling you to us with our soft howls, or you life is about to end right then and there.

    The pack started in the plains, but after the death we were lost and ran from where our leaders crismion blood was. And ran to the mountains, but this wont be our home for ever. Just for now.

    Now we have a real home, where wolf guardians has died and called us to there new land to watch over the lake and animals there. As members made a memorial for Amnesia under a oak tree where there are white flowers, that cant be found anywhere else around the lake. The guardians allowed showed us there home after the mountains and humans took ours. Now we are the Guardians of the "The Guardian Forest", and we wont let anyone harm our homeland.

    You respect the leaders in the pack, the pack was raised with Lord, Sir and Lady for the leaders who guide the ones in the pack.

    We are respectful, kind and wise wolves. Having soft howls who bring others to us to join, or to listen. If you are ment for us, the howl will find you and guide you to the Cruentos Trucido...will you hear the Howl?

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